Heat Transfer Labels

Heat transfer labels offer the option of adding a no-label look to your packaging or product, making the label seem as if it was printed straight onto the container itself.

Formel’s custom heat transfer labels offer companies the opportunity to improve the overall visual appearance of your plastic containers. With compatibility ranging from buckets, pails, and liquid containers, labels can be combined with plastic containers of all types, shapes, and dimensions.

During the production of our heat transfer labels, the ink is trapped between two specialty coatings, one to adhere to the bucket and the other to provide a glossy, scratch-resistant label. With this process, we can deliver quick turnaround and competitive pricing on quantities ranging from as little as 10,000 units up to several million at a time.

As the first company in the United States to offer heat-transfer labels manufactured on both flexographic and rotogravure printing presses, we have extensive experience and knowledge about the heat transfer process.

Industrial Heat Transfer Labels

Our flexographic printing press can handle small to medium run sizes with a maximum print width of 22″. For those looking for larger run sizes, our rotogravure printing press has a maximum print width of 48″ with capabilities of running medium to very large run sizes.

With the ability to print up to 8 colors, Formel’s printing equipment produces the highest quality graphics and imagery.

Formel supplies paper “carrier” rolls of industrial heat transfer labels to bucket and container manufacturers throughout the country, and can help get your company started with heat transfer labels today.

Heat Transfer Label Advantages

Durable & Resistant

The Formel heat transfer labels provide a durable label that stands up to even the most troublesome liquids and chemicals.

The scratch and moisture resistant labels reliably adhere to plastic containers, even after multiple product uses.

Clean & Seamless Look

Essentially merging label with container, heat transfer labels create a distinct no-label appearance that will make your products stand out on retail shelves.

Rather than a traditional label, heat transfer labels provide a waxless alternative which reduces label peeling and bludging. With their smooth finish, the labels offer a clean and stylish appearance sure to please all customers.

Heat Transfer Label Applications

Heat transfer labels are regarded as a top labeling solution for products subject to extensive use and wear. Our labels stand up to harsh and abrasive materials and make a great fit for packaging containing drywall compounds, blacktop coatings, and pool chemicals.

With the ability to work seamlessly with plastic containers and on multiple surfaces, industrial heat transfer labels are a go-to solution for many large and small labeling applications.

The resistance of heat transfer labels add a significant upgrade to containers in industrial and manufacturing environments. While traditional labels will fail and peel when exposed to moisture, heat transfer labels stand up to even the harshest chemicals, liquid cleaners, degreasers, and detergents.

Additionally, the durability of our labels makes for a great fit for smaller everyday applications, including personal care items, food and sauce containers, and any size bottle.

With the limitless potential, heat transfer labels have started to emerge across various industries and product applications. To get started with heat transfer labels, contact the professionals at Formel Industries.

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